Be Patient with Google+& Its Apps.

I’m finding out the hard way  that good things come to those that wait, especially when learning how2 navigate the new Google+. The first problem i ran into was sending invites from the Android App. So like anyone i tried doing it on my own,then i asked a few others for help,i even used the seldom used Help buttons on the app. What i learned was the Android app is in its toddler stage of life&its not yet ready to accomadate all our needs yet. Try @Tweetsmarter,@LearnGooglePlus are two tools you can use on twitter&if you have links to share that will help please post them on my blog,cuz i still have many question, happy networking&so far I LOVE GOOGLE+ ITS THE FUTURE!!!!!!

Corey Morgan Sr


Learning Google+

This is a open invite to my new Google+ friends,we all know that google plus is new&there are not many experts on the issue so my invite is to all of you who,need a invite or already is on Google+may have info to share with me&others. You can reach me by comment on this blog,or@coreyrebel5 on twitter,facebook&google+/Corey Morgan
            Have a blessed day!

Corey Morgan Sr

Today’s word

The new Google+ is showing a lot of potential and looking like the next best thing out there,problem is by it being so new, not all of us are able to keep up with the functions that it has. Now the good thing

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