Diary of a baby daddy

Its seems that the child support system is setup to punish men. Now with that being said trust me i totally agree with deadbeat dads being punished,but there seem to not to be a separation between the deadbeatsℜ dads in the child support system. Case in point,if you are working and paying child support on time and even having it taken from your check directly,you will be punished quick as a deadbeat who as never paid! I’m not expecting a badge or trophy for paying on time,but a little understanding when life kicks you in the pants that’s all,but they will lock you up without even considering the situation. Sometimes you could even be punished as so:you loose or get laid off,four months go by& you haven’t made a payment,but you got lucky and got a job,but now they have a warrant for your arrest for not paying those months that you were out of work,instead of dropping the warrant&allowing you to work and make payment so your kids can benefit,they will spend tax dollars sending the county sherriff&local police to arrest you,even if you dont get caught right away and begin making payment via direct Deposit from your check,if and when they catchup to you&sooner or later they will,they will still arrest you,causing you to loose your job,which stops your payment to child support and hurts the kids&you,you because you’ve lost job&freedom,kids because no money will come their way&they don’t get to see dad. I’m just saying separate Deadbeats from dads who love&at least try as hard as they can!!!!! And by the way,when women are in the position of being a deadbeat mom,they hardly ever get punished at all,ITS NOT FAIR

Corey Morgan Sr



  1. Damn right it isn’t fair! There is a double standard for women for other things as well. You will hardly ever see a woman getting arrested for statutory rape if she is over 18 and having sex with a boy under 18, but if the tables are turned the man can expect jail time. I have never been guilty of this, but I have seen the double standard happen to some people I know. We need to get the double standard out the the justice system. Justice is supposed to be blind! I have also seen a woman not pay support for her two kids for more than a year and have nothing happen to her, but a guy I know lost his job and fell behind two months( the only time in 4 years that he fell behind by the way), and a warrant was issued right away. It sucks because nobody felt worse about him not paying than him. When he had a job he was not only paying the support that was ordered but he was also giving extra money here and there for his kids. He never got a receipt for this extra money because he never thought this situation would occur, but as soon as the checks stopped coming in SHE forgot how much he went above and beyond when she needed it. The double standard needs to go!


    • I can’t agree enough man, its getting worse too, because they’re applying the double standard to almost everything and even employees of these different agencies treat us like crap, example; try calling child support for anything, they’re so rude, even to the point that they’re acting like you personally did something to them, and this is happening everywhere everyday!

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