Diary of a baby daddy (part 2)

I know because of the history black men have with taken care of their kids is horrible, and im not trying to changed the past or even the future of how black men are viewed, but what I am doing is putting myself in a situation where my kids will never know first hand how black men are acting or even expected to act, because all they’ll know is that their dad loved them to death and took care of them financially.
Something that I notice is becoming almost a trend to society as a whole is that men like myself are finding it harder and harder to be a successful”baby daddy”as we are called. There’s several reasons for the hardships a guy like me face and several groups of people in our daily life that has a sole purpose to make life hard on dads like myself. Before I get to naming these people and agencies I want you the reader to do me a favor, and that’s ask yourself”have you ever been one of these people or worked for anyone who has been guilty of making life for a socalled baby daddy life harder than usual or even miserable”?. The answer may shock you, because if you work or worked for somebody who is guilty of this you may have been brainwashed or even sublimely trained to think this way and may not have even known it. The same could be said for everyday people, your buddy could have a deadbeat”baby daddy”and you’ve watched her struggle and being mistreated and Boom! You’ve turned into one of the masses who hate all”baby daddies”because like I said there’s no separation by society of the deadbeat dad and the real dads like myself.
I don’t want an award or a pat on the back or to be treated special because I take care of my kids financially and emotionally, just stop grouping me in with the deadbeat dad, I DESERVE THAT AT LEAST…..DON’T I? leave your opinion on this subject and always GODBLESS!!!



  1. I have mixed emotions on this topic. I also have two “Baby Daddies” one of which has been a responsible father from day 1 and the other one had to mature a lot before he became responsible. I believe there are certain agencies like Child Support Enforcement that does make it hard for men. I never understood the logic behind sending them to jail for being behind on their payments. This only makes the situation worse. When does he ever catch up? I also believe “Baby Mommas” make it hard for men too by setting up road blocks and hurdles for them to jump over. Getting back to child support, is there really a set dollar amount that it takes to care for a child? Mothers go above and beyond for their kids. Taking care of children requires a lot more than money. I would rather have a “Baby Daddy” spend quality time with and be mentally supportive to my child than to pay child support. Some men feel like if they are financially supporting the child that’s all they have to do. Men also need to be more selective when having relationships with these women. There is really nothing to be said about a deadbeat dad. Children never FORGET a deadbeat dad. It always comes back and bites them in the butt.

    • I agree with your thoughts and opinions on this issue, and truly believe that you aren’t one of the many individuals and agencies that make it hard for real dads like myself!

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