Diary of a baby daddy part 3

This part of the series I want to back track and focus on the relationship with the kids mother and why most baby daddy and baby mama unions fail. Let’s start off with the popular reasons they don’t work.
Mr. Pimp, aka”BABY DADDY”never was taught the proper meaning of the word”Man”so right away what he thinks a man way of thinking, acting and duties he shoudt be. So what happens the so called man spends more time with his buddies than the woman in his life and what’s worse is he finds nothing wrong with this behavior and not only defends his actions but considers it normal and even has the nerves to feel that his woman should be lucky she has a man like him. Now this is just a little bit of what’s the daily life of this couple, and a small example of what the”baby daddy”has in store for her.
Since im investigating why these relationships fail, I have to do some male bashing, but really that’s not what im doing, im just telling the truth, and the truth hurts sometimes. The man not only neglects his duties as her partner, lover, friend, but neglects his father duties like these duties never exists, or they shouldn’t exist. Late nights out with his boys, lying, cheating, physical abuse, emotional abuse, abuse, abuse, abuse, and in between the abuse more kids are made and brought into this abuse filled household.
This scene is being played out across the country everyday, and from this little boys are being taught how to be”baby daddys, and little girls are being taught how to be”baby mamas”. Boys taught how to be abusers, and girls being taught how to get abused, its sad but true and we all know it.
In my next part of this series I will examine what happens next, which is in most cases the mom becomes Mom & Daddy! Leave your thoughts at the bottom where there’s a space for it.Follow me at Coreyrebel5 on twitter also.


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  1. There is widespread disagreement…
    ..on a socially accepted definition for “Single Fathers.” Here they are simply defined as “Men who have a child and don’t live with the child’s mother.”

    The most inaccurate portrayal we have seen of a single father definition is the one that implies a single father is only one who has full custody of their children. This is not the case as the label Single Father or Single Mother has no relationship to who has custody. The label simply puts forth the meaning of the words from common reference dictionaries. Single-meaning “only one” and Father meaning “male parent.” And to further clarify, Parent is defined simply as “a mother or father” (source: WordSmyth Educational Dictionary).

    Why is there so much disagreement and controversy over this label?
    Society seems to reduce everything to black and white and has trouble seeing shades of gray. We have winners and losers, liberal and conservative, big business and labor, and the list goes on. Included in this list are the terms “custodial parents” and “non-custodial parents” and society seems to hold true to form on this subject–typically viewing the custodial parent as winner and the non-custodial parent as loser. Knowing this, it further confuses society if the terms single father or mother have nothing to do with custody. For, if we remove the custody framework from the words then the black and white is gone and people can no longer make quick and easy (and often incorrect) judgments. So society has come to use these terms to pass judgement as well as identify people. This doesn’t mean it’s been right–just the easy way out.

    The controversy also stems from some custodial parents who feel the label single mother/father/parent should only apply to their situation (and, in some cases their feelings of superiority over the non-custodial parent) and the label provides too much “recognition” when used by someone without custody. This is the “badge of honor” usage of the term single parent/mother/father when used in this context. They view the title as being a very positive one that should be kept from those who they feel are inferior to them in some, or many, respects.

    Somewhat related to the definition of Single Father is the use of just the individual terms father, dad, and parent. Many single custodial mothers detest others referring to their children’s other parent as “Dad, Father, or even Parent.” In these cases, the mother’s are maintaining that the terms reflect something more than a label of biological connection, with the feeling that they also reflect a level of nurturing, concern, or love in their use. However, in reality, injecting these emotions into the definition is inaccurate. Even if dad is not loving, nurturing, or concerned-he’s still a dad.

    With the definition examined and understood you can probably imagine there are many different types of Single Fathers. Think of some you might know: Non-Custodial Single Fathers, Joint Custodial Single Fathers, Custodial Single Fathers, Widowed Single Fathers, Adoptive Single Fathers, Remarried Custodial Fathers. We can add other labels that might also apply: Active Single Fathers, Never-Married Single Fathers, Absent Single Fathers, Long-Distance Single Fathers, and Incarcerated Single Fathers. The good news is Responsible Single Fathers is open to all these dads, as well as moms and other people interested in working together to better our relationships so we can nurture, love, and support (financially and emotionally) our kids.

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