Diary of a baby daddy part 4

So let’s dive into the life of a”Baby daddy” who is in a situation that about 25%of them find themselves in.
The living situation is as such; he us now living with his 2nd or third “Baby Mama “he has raised all of her and his children and kids that she has with other men also. This is her first relationship where the”baby daddy”isn’t abusive, and he actually works and has raised her other kids.
She views him as weak because he won’t physically abuse her or even argue with her, and because of this the tables have turned and now she’s the abuser. First thing she does is make sure she can put him out of the house. How does she accomplish this you ask? Well there’s several ways, and the legal, welfare, and state assistance programs are all setup to help her in this process.
One of the first things she does is keep him off the apartment lease. What this insured is Power over any and everything that is said or done in the home. If she don’t like how her day is going,” You Can Get Out”is flying out of her mouth, if someone makes her mad and she’s intimidated by them,so she’s gonna find her “whipping boy”& take it out on him, and if he makes any attempt to defend himself, she yells”YOU CAN GET OUT”quick.
Here is where the system helps her out, if for some reason he is on the lease, how does she manipulate the system this time? Easy, she goes and gets a Temporary Restraining Order or calls the police and say he hit her or she’s afraid of him and out he goes!
Now keep in mind the type of female we are talking about, she comes from a long line of system abusers.She has never held down a job, and her income comes from what the system provides, such as W2, Ssi disability,(which was setup for her by her mom,when she was a baby, because this was one of her moms means of income) Section8& subsidize housing.
Now the other part of her plan kicks in, or has already kicked in, which involves the Child Support System (please read”Diary of a baby daddy parts 1-3″).She already had that setup long time ago, because the system encourage the”baby mamas”to open a support case even if the mom & dad are living together and he is working and provides for his kids and the kids she has with other men.They will even tell the mom”you guys aren’t married yet and what if you change your mind, at least you will have a support order already in place”, which is legal advice,and they’re not her attorney, and its just wrong in so many ways. So another power tool she has is already in place like I said, because he has a support order in place and they’re garnishing his wages or he is falling behind on support, which will result in a arrest warrant for contempt being issued, all the while he is living in the home with her and the kids,and supports them financially and emotionally. Why is she able to do this? Why would she do this? Why would she want to do this? Its because the system is setup for women like her to abuse it if they’d like to, its because she can do it, and because she has been raised by a woman who was raised by a woman who consider this normal. The problem is, she does this to a Good man and not the deadbeat who beat, cheat, stole from her etc.
This post is dedicated to exposing the”DEADBEAT BABY MAMA”, the system that not only helps her be trifling, but even encourage her behavior and makes it possible for her to teach her child what her mom taught her.Also to shine the light on several facts like; these women exists and they’re more out there than society wants us to know, and that society needs to stop generalizing all”Baby Daddys”into one group, because not only are all”Baby Daddys”not alike, the good ones get punished severely by this generalization, and there isn’t much he can do about it.
Think about this the next time you put down”All”men who are called “baby daddys”,or the next time your friend talks bad about her kids father and you just realized that she falls into that category talked about in this entry of”DIARY OF A BABY DADDY”

Your opinions are important, so leave your thoughts here so we can all dialog, and then go back to facebook, google+, twitter or wherever else you may have seen this blog, and leave your comments there also. Don’t forget this is the fourth entry in the series”DIARY OF A BABY DADDY”, so check out parts 1-3 right here on my wordpress site.
The post from this blog will be included in my upcoming book so lookout for more on this subject and subjects like it, and I’ll keep you updated on the books progress and its upcoming publication.STAYBLESSED PEOPLE!



  1. Some women make it bad for a good woman like me who can’t find a good man.

    • You the best baby! He out there, if he meet you he is not letting go….I know I wouldn’t!!

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