Second chance at being rich…

There’s a new trend that’s going on&gaining popularity with today’s Nba players,&that’s playing overseas. It use to be considered a bad thing if you told someone”I’m hoopin overseas man”, it was almost like you’re not even playing pro ball. Guy’s would retire, play in much lower paying league like the CBA cuz it made you have more credibility with your peers and NBA scouts (which wasn’t true at all cuz scouts didn’t care if you played in the local church league, cuz if you could play they wanted you plain and simple).
Then slowly what started to happen was a really good player who may have had some personal issues off the court&got cut by their squad would play overseas to show he’s still a player&he’s worth the risks to sign him. Players that were over there was noticing that these team’s had big money&were willing to pay more than the NBA team’s would pay em. So youngsters coming outta high school would forego college and go overseas and get millions&live like kings too. Then the not so youngsters started following the youngsters and getting the money too.
Now you have guy’s who were big star’s in the NBA and made hundreds of millions throughout their career but have actually fallen on hard time’s and some have actually lost it all homes, cars, investments all gone and some have the bills in the millions and filed bankruptcy, some even homeless. Now not only do these guy’s get second third or fourth chances at being millionaires and playing the game they love, the road is much easier because in most overseas league’s they only play once a week&although the competition are pro ball players they’re nothing like the full NBA roster of great hoopers.
Some of the guys that HAVE TO PLAY OVERSEAS ARE Allen Iverson, Antoine Walker, Stephon Starbury, just to name a few. These guy’s are examples of bad money management, horrible investments and just stupid spending habits. Starbury&Iverson were very well known for having chain’s that cost close to a million dollars by themselves, but five year’s after they’re last big contract they’re broke .
In fact over 90%of Pro ball players football&hoopin all ended up flat broke In less than five year’s after they’re retired.