Shannon Braithwaite murder 9/30/2008 Brooklyn, NY *Cousin, 15 year old Tiana Browne, arrested for stabbing Shannon to death*

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Shannon Braithwaite
Shannon Braithwaite

Many times I feel like I am very desensitized to the violence that occurs in our society. Then, along comes a crime that is just horrific, that brings me back to earth. And lately there have been more and more. This story represents this very thing. I read it and cried and cried. This poor girl, being stabbed to death, by her cousin – no less, and calling for her mom. My heart is just breaking. For Shannon and for her mom, Marva. Shannon and her mom appear to have been such compassionate, loving people, wanting to help this cousin who was having such a hard time. Now, the cousin, Tiana Browne, is charged with Shannon’s murder and will be tried as an adult (as she should be). She stole some of Shannon’s belongings as well, including some sneakers she wanted badly that Shannon had. When she was…

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