UK Singer Estelle Darlings did something the other day that confused,outraged,and made me and a unknown number of her fans decide to never support anything she does.What did she do you might ask?well while looking at one of my new favorite apps ”INSTAGRAM”,I came across a textagram that the singer posted on her page as a warning to the world.It read,”SOMEONE JUST CALLED ME NUBIAN AND I HATE LABELS…FREE YOURSELVES….At first sight of this it confused me so I investigated and  found out that on her page a fan was giving her props in the comments section by saying”My NUBIAN sista you are awesome…….and added a few more compliments to her post,and that pissed the singer off.On Estelle’s next photo she posted a textagram stating how vexed being called ”NUBIAN” had made her,and how people are never to call her that or face being called out and embarassed if you do.Now at first most people responded like I did by stating to her that maybe she misunderstood what the fan was saying and doing when she called her ”NUBIAN”,that the fan was just showing love and that the word NUBIAN as always had positive connotations and the true definition of the word describes a North African people and what kind of people they were.Thats when this thing got ”MESSY”,cuz the singer went on to respond saying she didnt care about the people or the meaning of the word and that she dont like being called it and that it labels her as something that she dont like and she dosent want to be look at as a African type of person period.Thats when it got even worse,because the way she kept responding,by never showing any care that she was rude and not caring how it made the fan who she wrote the textagram to feel or how it made any uf her fans feel.Matter of fact she kept responding with a ”im better and richer than you so go on bout your days darlings”statement.By the end of all her foolishness the majority of her fans that witnessed it said that they are no longer fans and will not support her.My feelings are qiuck and simple,she is very rude and has forgot where she comes from and her being a shorthaired darkskinned woman,WHAT DO YOU THINK OF HOW SHE HANDLED THE SITUATION?GO TO HER INSTAGRAM PAGE AND CHECKIT FOR YOURSELF……YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!!